The College 

Programs of Study
There are four programs of study: Behavioral, Modern Liberal Arts, Transformational, and Esoteric Science. There is a recommended progression of courses within each program identified by levels. However, students are free to choose courses independently.

There are four levels of completion within each program of study. Each level contains seven courses. Students are awarded a certificate of completion after each level is achieved. Students wishing to complete a program of study will be required to do a capstone project (Level IV) under the guidance of a faculty member.

  • Behavioral
    The human being is but a microcosm of the macrocosm called the universe. To understand the psychology and philosophy of human behavior is but to understand the fundamental nature of the universe. The student in this program will examine various symbiotic relationships to gain knowledge and perspective of the reflected whole. The program includes investigations into subjects such as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Mythology, and Cognitive Science.
  • Modern Liberal Arts
    The Seven Liberal Arts were established during the Renaissance to provide the student with a broad basis of foundational knowledge; a purpose that has been actualized in large portions throughout the world since their inception. Therefore, the purpose of the Modern Liberal Arts Program is to modernize the concept and thus build on the existing body of knowledge. The student in this program will focus on unique explorations into areas of inquiry such as Sacred Writings and Literature, Applied History, Ethical Politics, and Comparative Religion, as well as Occult Science, Sacred Mathematics, and Classical Architecture.
  • Transformational
    "Know Thyself" represents the true purpose of human experience. The human being can only find itself when it inwardly searches and is open to transformation. The student in this program focuses on creating environments of change so the mind and body can transition into a better version of itself. Studies in this program include topics such as Holistic Health and Nutrition, Transformative Art, Applied Living, and Meditation.
  • Esoteric Science
    The study of Nature and her laws has resided in the heart of man since he was first capable. The mechanisms that animate this existence have been and continue to be more than a fascination, it is a drive that propels humankind forward. This program of study is built to give a general foundation in science and seeks to cultivate the passion and imagination of natural philosophy with the mechanisms of natural law.

MCAS is a non-accredited, non-degree granting institution.